Low cost doesn’t have to mean a sacrifice in service.  America’s Best 401k provides a wide array of service for both plan participants and plan sponsors.   All of these services below are included in our single transparent low price.  Services are divided up between “fiduciary services,” which are performed by an investment advisor (a 3(38) ERISA fiduciary) who is legally obligated to do what’s in the best interest of the plan participants while also protecting the business owner from liability.   The “non fiduciary” services are all items related to plan design, implementation and ongoing client experience.

Types of Plans We Offer

  • 401k
  • 403b
  • Defined Benefit
  • Profit Sharing
  • Cash Balance

Fiduciary Services

Develop an investment policy statement (IPS) that establishes the investment policies and objectives for the Plan. Client has the ultimate responsibility to execute such policies and to adopt and amend the investment policy statement.

Select a broad range of investment options consistent with ERISA section 404(c). Create Asset Allocation Strategies. On-going monitoring and rebalancing of Asset Allocation Strategies.

Select a qualified default investment alternative (“QDIA”) for participants who are automatically enrolled in the Plan or who otherwise fail to make an investment election. The Client retains the sole responsibility to provide all notices to participants required under ERISA section 404(c)(5).

Prepare periodic investment reports that describe how the Core Options comply with the Investment Policy Statement.

Create and maintain a custom fund line-up

Provide fiduciary advice (as defined in ERISA) to the participants. Investment Manager will provide investment advice concerning the prudence of any investment option or combination of investment options for a particular participant or beneficiary under the Plan.

Provide one-on-one enrollment meetings designed to increase retirement plan participation and investment and financial understanding.

Non - Fiduciary Services

Guide the plan sponsor through the entire sales cycle, provide a benchmark against their current plan if one is in place, and gather data to produce illustrations to help determine the most appropriate plan design.

Demonstrate and provide instruction on the recordkeeper sponsor and participant websites.

Manage the Plan implementation or conversion process from a third party recordkeeper or administrator.

Assist Client in understanding their administrative duties.

Provide enrollment instruction and support to plan participants.

Monitor the timely production of the required disclosures and notices to Client and Plan participants by the Service Partners.

Conduct ongoing market analysis of service provider fee structure and day to day service quality.

Provide periodic Client and/or Client 401K committee education.

Assist with retirement plan education to Plan participants as needed.

5500 audit support

Interface with Client’s other retirement plan vendors in order to optimize the services provided to and the fees paid by Client. This includes, among other things, determining which vendor is
responsible for compliance with plan and participant notice requirements.

Conduct plan review meetings including Plan Governance and prepare meeting minutes.

Benchmark retirement plan service provider fees.

Review plan related practices in order to ensure compliance with all current legislative and rule requirements.

Provide consulting services related to merger and acquisition activity contemplated by Client.

Provide services related to DOL submissions (e.g., DFVCP or VFCP) or IRS submissions (e.g., VCP).

Provide services related to retirement plan service providersearches.

Perform specified projects as requested by Client
(e.g., one-on-one enrollment meetings, benchmarking services, non-routine compliance testing, etc.).