AMERICA’S BEST Partners with Heartland Payroll

America’s Best 401K takes the complexity out of retirement plans. Heartland does the same with payroll and HR. Together, we provide a fully integrated platform with best-in-class service.

Heartland is a respected business partner in the payroll and HR industry, serving more than 34,000 customers nationwide. While many large payroll companies increase rates over time, Heartland offers a three-year price lock—no surprises, no sudden increases. Our solutions are backed by a dedicated payroll specialist familiar with your business and your needs, so no phone trees.

Heartland Payroll Offers:

  • — Complete Tax Service
  • — Prepaid Cards
  • — Payroll Reporting Package
  • — Remote Printing
  • — Pre-Process Preview
  • — Employee Self-Service
  • — New Hire Reporting
  • — Direct Deposit
  • — Custom Report Writer
  • — Benefit Accrual
  • — Online Submission
  • — Add/Delete Employees
  • — CPA Reporting Package
  • — Pay-As-You-Go Workers’ Comp
  • — Electronic Tax Filing
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