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Invest Better

You'll choose from low cost high performing mutual funds and ETF's to help maximize your returns over time.


Advanced Technology

In just a few moments you'll create an asset allocation plan designed specifically for your risk profile.


Save Money

Total all in investment related costs including the investment options at only .75% or lower. The resulting effect can be astounding over time.


Save Time

Everything is automated; you'll be engaged with our platform in moments. And live support is always just a call away.




our money, your savings, your future. Nothing is more important regarding your money than knowing how much you have and where it is. And the effects the costs of your investments have on your balances over time need to be understood. Over 50% of all 401k participants wrongly believe there are no investment-related fees associated with their plan, or that their employer pays these fees.

In reality, 401k fees cost Americans nearly $164 million per day, and can have the effect of reducing a participants’ balance available at retirement by 40% to 60%. We solve this. Uniquely, with forward thinking and innovation and by reducing the investment-related expenses of our clients’ current 401k plans, who are generally paying 200% to 300% more in investment-related fees than is necessary.
If you can pay less, for something you already have and need to plan for your future, why not do that? Whether you own the business or work for one, why not increase the odds for a secure retirement by reducing your investment related fees as rapidly as possible? Let us provide a no cost, no obligation assessment of your current plan to see if a change to America’s Best 401k may do you good.



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What We Do

  • Plan Design Optimization

    We identify company factors that determine plan suitability. What kind of plan is right for you and your employees? We’ll help determine which plan structure best enables both management and employees to maximize retirement savings.
  • Provide Low Cost Investment Options and Strategies

    It’s great that your workforce has the opportunity to save for retirement. And it is of utmost importance that the investment options available are working for your retirement, not eroding savings over time due to excessive fees. Our core lists of mutual funds and ETFs have expense ratios among the lowest in the industry, averaging just .14%. And our partners provide integrated technology to allow action plans to be created based on your individuals needs and risk tolerance profile.
  • Keep Services & Costs Straightforward

    We offer high touch dedicated customer service at an extremely competitive and easy to understand fee structure, designed to help ensure a secure retirement for participants.
  • Utilize an ERISA 3(38) Fiduciary

    The 3(38) stands in the shoes of the plan sponsor, making all investment-related decisions and therefore assuming the fiduciary liability. We’ll focus on your plan, while you tend to your company.
  • Provide Ongoing Management

    We monitor all service delivery from our partners, including day-to-day service delivery, investment reports and fee disclosures and conduct research at various intervals to make sure there are no better offerings for you available on the market.

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