The outcome of your 401(k) plan is simple: to provide an income for your employees during retirement. And quite simply, lower fees means significantly more retirement income for you and your employees. A 1% reduction in annual fees means an additional 10 years of retirement security! In addition, there is a very high likelihood that the funds in your plan were not selected because they were the lowest cost or best performing. They are on the “menu” because they are willing to pay hefty fees and commissions to the broker and plan provider.
It’s time for a 401(k) overhaul! No brokers, no commissions, no conflicts.

3 Reasons to Switch to America’s Best 401k

Fees Matter

Imagine giving up 50% or more of your future nest-egg to excessive fees. Sadly, studies show that most investors are doing just that. Consider this: A 1% reduction in annual fees means your money will last up to 10 years longer in retirement! Our clients discover an average of 57% in fee savings after requesting our free side-by-side plan comparison.

Funds Matter

With thousands of funds to choose from, ever wonder who selected the funds in your 401(k) plan? The reality is, expensive “actively managed” mutual funds plague the 401(k) industry because they pay very hefty sums to the plan providers and brokers. This arrangement directly impacts your returns. Why not remove all the conflicts and only use the lowest cost, best performing funds?

Protection Matters

At greater frequency, employees are suing plan sponsors (employers) for plans with excessive fees / brokers compensation and where the employers weren’t looking out for their employees sole and best interests. The Department of Labor is increasing the number of plans audited and in 2014, the average fine was $600,000. Installing a 3rd party fiduciary is the first step in creating protection.